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Innovative Strategies for Growth

Novavera Group is a diverse conglomerate of businesses dedicated to fostering innovation, growth, and excellence across various industries. Our portfolio spans multiple sectors, including hospitality, retail, e-commerce, and more.

Empower Your Business

We are committed to optimizing businesses through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge technologies, and forward-thinking solutions.

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Our Journey

Explore how Novavera Group emerged as a leader in fostering growth and innovation across diverse industries.

Novavera Group continues to evolve and adapt to market dynamics, consistently delivering value and driving growth for its businesses and partners.

Our Ventures &

Fostering Growth

Diverse Businesses


Industry Sectors


Experienced Team


Global Reach 

30+ Countries

Novavera Innovation Hub

Novavera Innovation Hub is a premier program under Novavera Group, dedicated to nurturing innovative ideas and helping small entrepreneurs transform their visions into successful enterprises. Our core services include providing funding, business development support, and resources to selected product or service-based business ideas. Our mission is to create a thriving ecosystem where creativity meets business acumen, ensuring the success of our partnered startups.

Incubation Program

For early-stage startups, our incubation program offers intensive support, including workspace, mentorship, and funding, to help turn ideas into viable businesses.

Business Development

Our team of experts assists with business planning, market research, product development, and strategic growth initiatives

Funding Support

We offer comprehensive funding support to help entrepreneurs get their ventures off the ground. Our seed funding provides the essential financial resources needed to develop prototypes, conduct market research, and begin initial operations.

Acceleration Program

Designed for startups that have moved beyond the initial stage, our acceleration program provides advanced business development support, mentorship, and opportunities for scaling and growth.

Submit Your Innovative Idea

Are you an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking product or service idea? Take the next step toward turning your vision into reality! Submit your idea to the Novavera Innovation Hub and gain access to seed funding, expert mentorship, and comprehensive business development support. Join our thriving ecosystem and let us help you transform your innovative concept into a successful enterprise. Click the button below to get started on your entrepreneurial journey today!

Business Sectors


Discover our innovative ventures and exceptional solutions that redefine standards in our hotels and resorts, elevating guest experiences to new heights.


Discover our retail businesses and consumer-focused ventures that deliver exceptional products and experiences to global markets.


Our personnel leasing company connects businesses with top-tier temporary or contract workers, providing skilled professionals with flexible employment opportunities.



Explore our cutting-edge e-commerce strategies and solutions that transform online shopping, delivering seamless and personalized experiences for every customer.

Immerse yourself in our all-encompassing sports management services, where we proudly own a football clubs and offer our expertise to assist other sport entities. 

Our Approach

Driving Success


Insights & Innovation

Uncovering insights and fostering innovation to drive sustainable growth and create value.


Strategic Solutions

Delivering tailored, strategic solutions aligned with core business objectives and market dynamics.


Execution Excellence

Ensuring flawless execution and impactful results, driving operational excellence and performance.

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